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👋 what: this serves as my open knowledge base (AKA commonplace book/exo-brain) that may be or may not be relevant to my network ❓: investment director at bmk (FO), studied CS+Stats at Amherst College 📍sekarang dimana: Jakarta ↔ Singapore ⁉️ where else (@danielnjoo): LinkedIn 🔗 old site: Squarespace

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Blog (https://danielnjoo.notion.site/Blog-1345135188b74ad6840466b9510d1813) its basically a blog
Untitled (https://danielnjoo.notion.site/00e5392379d44d758d07002cf73637dd) (WIP), books, n=9


| Untitled (https://danielnjoo.notion.site/9c52d7f6607c42df9394e0301f3a21de) | (WIP), n>20 | | Untitled (https://danielnjoo.notion.site/85b8d9e4a5f44a859a12f589d1f92a0e) | what i’m currently vibing to | | Untitled (https://danielnjoo.notion.site/63ae846b4f0a4c01a2b04ceac7e10d85) | newsletters, podcasts, cool sites, apps, ++ |

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